Project Description

Alton Way

Custom Home

September 2021

We’re into our last month on the Alton Way project! Landscaping has begun, and the first part of the driveway has been poured. Next month we will focus on completing the final exterior and interior details and finalizing city inspections.

August 2021

The basement, bathrooms, lighting and paint were all completed this month. As we continues to work on the inside of the home, the exterior masonry is almost complete as well as forming and pouring concrete for the front porch.

June & July 2021

This home is quickly coming together. Hardwood floors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, stairs and tile were all installed this month. The beauty of this home is beginning to show.

May 2021

The fun details of the project began including finalizing the stone selection for interior and exterior masonry, exterior trim completed, and interior drywall texture began.

April 2021

A lot of small tasks were completed in preparation for insulation and drywall to begin. The few door and windows were installed and a few adjustments were made by the structural engineer.

March 2021

March was a busy month of electrical work, plumbing, installing security systems, and everything inspected. This. a wrap up of the “rough” phase of the project.

January 2021

Framing was complete and dry-in was added to the walls. The fireplaces were installed, stone was delivered, and the team continued to install HVAC throughout the house in preparation for plumbing to begin soon.

December 2020

Floor systems and steel details were completed next and passed inspection. After the structural slab was poured, it was time for framing to begin! By the end of the month, the team was almost done with the second floor and read to put up trusses.

October – November 2020

The first month of the Alton Way project included a few days of digging and excavation adjustments in preparation for caisson installation. Wall forms were then set and a few adjustments were made to the steel after inspection. After concrete was poured for the walls, plumbing was placed after dealing with a few snow days and hard dirt.