Littleton Rebuild

Whole Home Remodel

This 60’s-era ranch home had several issues when we were invited by the owners to head up a whole home remodel on the property. Years of drainage issues had caused settling in the foundation, which telegraphed thorough to the framing causing interior and exterior cracking and walls and floors to be out of level and plumb. Consistent with common 60’s fashion, small hallways and bedrooms were not utilizing the footprint of the house to meet current open floor plan designs. The property also had both a detached and attached garage. In order to maximize the footprint of the home, it was decided to convert the attached garage into the new owner’s suite, bringing the home up to about 2200 finished square feet. We knew this would be a big undertaking, and were excited to take on the challenge!

May, 2023

Things are coming along nicely in our Littleton Remodel!! Interior trim and paint bulk-out is done. Through the end of May we’ll complete all the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC trims and start the lengthy punch list completion process. Can’t wait to see it 100% done!

April, 2023

What a difference only a few weeks can make! The cabinets and flooring have been installed and we’re moving on to interior trim! This beautiful home remodel is coming along nicely.

March, 2023

For the month of March, we wrapped up the framing and completed all of the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical rough-ins. The home is fully insulated and now we’re ready for drywall!

February, 2023

This project is coming along very nicely and we’re excited for this transformation! Check out the large openings in the great room for the new double sliding glass door and large windows on the front of the house. What was once an old garage is starting to look like the beginning of a great master suite!

January, 2023

January 9th was our Project Start Day for this remodel project! Demolition is almost wrapped up on this home, and we’ve begun our re-framing work. Check out how much larger this space feels with the brick & block chimney gone and the new vaulted ceiling! Next step is to begin converting the attached garage to a master suite.