Evergreen Custom Home

Custom Home Build

Close enough to the city, but still a short drive to Summit County, our team of real estate professionals and custom home contractors were able to find the perfect location for this custom home build for our clients. We are continuing to develop and finalize design details continue to be developed as we anticipate a late 2022 start for this beautiful custom home.

October, 2023

We’re nearing the end of this beautiful custom home build and can’t wait to share the final photos!


September, 2023

With drywall complete, we started on Interior finishes in late August! Cabinets, countertops and flooring all went in. It was great to see the interior of this home starting to take shape! The first part of September was spent working on interior trim and millwork on the interior of the home, and getting our stucco color coat and stone veneer installed on the exterior of the home.

July – August, 2023

The end of July and beginning of August brought the completion of all rough inspections, insulation, and drywall. On the exterior, we got working on installing roof tile, stucco and stone lath, and preparing for hardscape at the front of the house.

June, 2023

Things are coming along nicely at our evergreen custom home build! The end of June and beginning of July brought the completion of our mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression rough-in work. We’re cleaned up and ready for insulation. Before we know it, we’ll be drywalling and into the finishing stages of this new home.

May, 2023

Framing is coming along nicely! Window and exterior door install is under way. We should be starting HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical rough-ins beginning in early June.

April, 2023

We’re going vertical in Evergreen! Underground plumbing has been installed and passed inspection, interior and most of the exterior flatwork has been poured, framing has begun, and the rough grading worked out just as we had hoped. The next steps in the building process include framing and MEP stages.

March, 2023

Through the end of February and March, we were able to finish our excavation, get electric primary set up for new service to the property, and get the footers and foundation walls poured. The foundation is looking great and this site is coming along nicely. We are excited to get the site backfilled and graded so that we can start framing in April!

January – February, 2023

These past few months have been full of electrical service expansion, water and sewer laterals, and excavation. After a few days of excavating, we hit solid rock and realized the electric primary needs to be relocated. We are continuing to make progress on the land and will start forming foundation footers soon!

Exterior elevations for our Evergreen Custom Home