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9 Reasons to Build a Custom Home

When was the last time you drove around a neighborhood and felt your spirits sink because each house, with the exception of a few color changes, looked like it was shaped by a cookie cutter?

It happens.

Large subdivisions are all about uniformity. Even paved driveways are so redundant that you might easily pull into the wrong house on your street.

If you’re in a position to build a custom home—in Denver or any other thriving city—wouldn’t you want your residence to be designed to suit your lifestyle, stay within your budget, and deliver a legacy of happiness in a place constructed to meet all of your needs and desires?

You can have all of the above by going custom. Here’s why:

Reason #1: Get What You Want

Build a custom home and you get exactly what you crave. Your desire for a kitchen that is larger than your living room moves from dream to reality when you hire the right home builder, express your desires, and identify a budget that fits your current financial situation.

If a member of the family has special needs, a custom design can factor them into the build before you even break ground. Jackson Design Build has expertise in fully accessible new builds and remodels for our special needs or aging-in-place customers..

Reason #2: You’re the Boss

You may be able to afford a larger home by going custom thanks to the aforementioned breaks negotiated up front with vendors and contractors, so if you thought you would have to be content with three bedrooms, you may be surprised to learn that you can add a fourth.

Your negotiating power when dealing with the vendors and contractors you hire is awesome—especially compared to what subdivision buyers contend with after making a simple request to change cabinetry colors!

Reason #3: Superior Quality

Quality is another area where large homebuilders cannot compete. You get the benefit of the talented network of subcontractors your general contractor has worked with for decades rather than a crew of laborers working on your home who are more worried about beating a time clock than doing quality work.

Reason #4: Superior Service

Expert custom builders like Jackson Design Build take the time to get to know our customers. We listen to your needs, build a relationship throughout the build process, and we remain friendly with many of our clients long after you move in. Unlike our large builder competitors, custom home builders don’t build products on an assembly line. We build a home—your personal castle that can become an enduring family legacy.t.

Reason #5: Future-Proof Your Home

Future-proofing is a form of construction insurance impacting all ages and stages of your life. If you plan to have more kids, want to start a home business down the road that will require dedicated space or you suspect your college graduate may stick around awhile, you’re prepared if you custom-build a house. Perhaps you have a hunch that your children or parents may wind up living with you in the future. You will have a place for any of these eventualities if you future-proof your home by custom building.

Reason #6: Best Of The Best

If you’re preparing for home ownership by touring new subdivisions because you want to get ideas, be inspired or just figure out where you don’t want rooms to be located, you likely noticed bare bones kitchen appliances, part of a builder’s game plan that saves him a bundle because he buys hundreds of stoves, refrigerators, and other items in bulk. These appliances may not be the latest energy efficient or trend-setting models, but since home shoppers have no choice, their energy bills take a hit year round.

Build your own home and you buy the latest and greatest models—appliances that might not even have been on the market the day subdivision builders negotiated their large-quantity deals.

Reason #7: A Layout as You Envisioned

Some floor plans are more efficient than others, but when you custom build a home, you get to allocate square footage and room separations the day you meet with your builder so they’re exactly what you seek. Large, open areas of space that allow one living area to flow into the next suit some couples. Small rooms that are easy to heat, cool, and purify are exactly what the doctor ordered for other families. Your contractor will figure out how to lay out the plumbing, duct work, water, and sewer hookups based on how you want the home laid out so everything about your structure is perfectly suited to your needs.

Reason #8: One-Of-A-Kind

Even upscale communities may not be retrofitted with the exotic technology you crave, simply because adding custom features is not efficient for large builders. Also, not every family wants “a safe room” to serve as protection from potential intruders. Nor does every family want an in-wall vacuum system built into the home’s framework. You can include any feature that works for you buy starting from scratch and wind up with a home that out-performs even luxury communities who claim to have everything today’s family could want.

Reason #9: You Choose The Neighborhood, The Neighborhood Doesn’t Choose You!

If you build a custom house, you can put it anywhere you like as long as your structure meets zoning rules. The ability to select your build site not only contributes to your ability to custom build your home but it could save you from buying property that turns out to be your worst nightmare. Ask any homeowner who found out, after the fact, that a shopping center was to be built on the other side of the fencing that you assumed would remain vacant land when you purchased your home.

Building a custom house offers you the ultimate control over where and how you live.

Contact Jackson Design Build to learn more about the benefits of custom building!