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Home Automation: One App, Total Control

With a simple smart home app, you can integrate all your smart appliances and lighting with a press of a button on your mobile phone. Just think: you can be getting off an airplane in Philadelphia remembering that you forgot to turn on the lights in your kitchen, master bedroom, and exterior of your home. With one command through voice or touch, you can light your home and relieve your worries.
Following are just some of the automation features that can be integrated into your home for your safety, security, comfort, and peace of mind.


Thermostats can be regulated quickly to ensure ideal heat or air conditioning temperatures. You can adjust your thermostat for an immediate change or change the hour, day, or schedule to enhance your comfort.

Forced Air Vents

Forced air vents can be programmed, too. They can be adjusted room by room throughout the home. By closing various air vents, you can redirect more air more quickly to the rooms you desire to have more air.

Hot Water Baseboard and Electric Baseboard Heat

These heat elements can also be programmed room by room to provide the personal heat comfort that each homeowner is seeking.


Interior and exterior lighting fixtures and lamps can be integrated into a home automation program to meet the needs of each home owner. Fixtures and lamps can be adjusted together or independently.

Bathroom fans

Each bathroom fan can be programmed for comfort and proper air filtration and exhaust.


Smart appliances can be adapted to a smart home app as well. For example, your oven or stove can be programmed to cook at specific items and temperatures. The range hood can be adjusted to exhaust heat or smoke at certain preconditioned temperatures. Dishwashers can be turned on. Refrigerators are also camera-optional to review needed produce, meat, and beverages. While you’re out shopping, you can review your refrigerator and even your pantry through cameras to your app on your phone.

Audio Visual

Consider the ability to adapt your app to control all your audio-visual needs. With one touch, you’re able to turn on and off smart home devices and televisions wherever you are. You can also easily program your favorite music and TV stations.

Electronic Blinds Shades and Shutters

Another benefit of a smart home app is the ability to control all your shading devices and window coverings. You may be at the office or a meeting 3,000 miles away, yet you can manage all your shading and shutters with a single movement of on your app! Raise or lower your shades. Close or open your shutters. You can also integrate photovoltaic cells to automatically raise your shades when the sun comes up or close the shades when the sun goes down.

Security cameras

Your security cameras can be viewed while at your neighbors, on a business trip, or enjoying a vacation anywhere in the world. With a smartphone app, you can have peace of mind, security, and safety. Strategically installed cameras can monitor any area of your home at any time. You can even watch and interact with your dog, to make sure he’s being a good boy.


To create the warmth and ambiance of your gas or electric fireplaces inside or outside of the home, you can use your app for easy control. Fireplaces can be turned on or off from afar.

Garage door

To have your home serviced or just let your children into the home after school, you or they can use the app for ease of access.

Sprinkler systems

Water conservation and preservation have become an art form today, as water is at a premium nationwide. In many parts of the country, water sprinkler systems are mandated by jurisdictions. Therefore, it is helpful to be able to control the timers and allotment of water with an app. If there’s too much rain, you can reprogram the system through your app to limit or turn off the system. Some systems can even determine how much water will be needed for the next 48 hours or more.


Smart home technology will revolutionize the way we live over the next 10 years.

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