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Learning the Custom Building and Remodeling Industry for You

To remain Denver’s first choice for custom builds, the nationally award-winning team at Jackson Design Build continues to stay informed of the latest industry trends.

Where do we learn about new products and services from which to introduce you to the best information? From the following resources:


Builders and remodelers exchange information with their peers to determine what products and services are out-performing existing ones. This direct information affords us all the opportunity to obtain proven recommendations of products, services and construction techniques from trusted professionals.


Industry consultants keep us abreast of new products and services. They study the market while also surveying other regional, national and international markets for successful products and services. Upon reviewing these items, we can adjust existing and new plans to determine how to enhance our consumer offerings..

Retail and Wholesale Stores

Retailers and wholesalers often invite us to review new products before they’re introduced to consumers.

Consumer and Trade Publications

Daily blogs, weekly newsletters, bi-weekly newspapers, monthly and yearly magazines and directories are additional resources. These sources also include case studies and videos for product inclusion and installation. These invaluable educational resources open new forms of practical and academic learning opportunities.

Workshops, Lectures, and Symposiums

Attending workshops, lectures, and symposiums, we learn about new products and services to enhance our construction projects and operations.

Trade Shows

The industry offers a series of trade shows locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. These events include education, exhibits and award programs. For example, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Bath and Kitchen Association (NKBA) combine their talents each year to host an annual international convention. More than 100,000 industry professionals attend to learn more about the latest and greatest products and services. More than 300 educational programs, 2,000 exhibits and 25 award programs are provided throughout the three-day event. Every topic about the industry is covered from research to design to branding to sales to construction management to finance to customer service and more. The takeaway knowledge is fabulous.

Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers study why homes sell in their respective markets. It is important to maintain contact with these brokers and their trade association as well as to attend their meetings to learn about the marketplace, what’s selling, and why. We take time to work with many real estate brokers from different offices. We listen for news, experience, and knowledge. We look for patterns of wants and needs through the actual sales and closings.

Research Studies and Surveys

Formal research studies including pre- and post- vendor and consumer surveys provide more precise insights. Specific information can be identified and compiled to provide exacting data for demographic, geographic, and psychographic purchasing patterns to help us prepare for our current and next home or construction project.


At Jackson Design Build, we can never receive enough pragmatic and academic education. We also take pride in educating customers, staff, and trade partners. Watch our blog or follow us on social media to learn about the latest construction trends with us.

The better we can share and apply new information, the better our residential and commercial new builds and remodels will be.